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Custom Research And Manufacturing Services :

We have excellent hands on process chemistry. We have developed and served Chiral/Heterocyclic APIs and API intermediates. We have developed none infringing processes for APIs and Intermediates also. We do provide the best ROS (route of synthesis ) for new molecules and rapid process development on timely manner. We do complete projects on or before the committed time lines. We have access for reaxys and scifinder for literature collection. De have experience on process development for new specialty molecules. We can undertake projects on 1kg to multi ton level. We have leased facility nearby our R&D lab. We bound to the time lines which are provided by Matrica. We undertake FTE/PO based process development project. We generate weekly report and update project status on weekly basis through email and/or telephone even on skype too. We are happy to update project status on everyday or day by day if client demands.

APIs/API Intermediates:

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients:

We have developed non infringing processes for tens of APIs and filed patents also. We have good experience/knowledge on Developing APIs and API intermediates. We do have experience on impurity profiling for APIs. We do have experience of pilot to plant scale manufacturing of APIs. We are very good at indentifying new impurities if formed in generic APIs. We are experts in analytical and synthetic chemistry. We undertake manufacturing projects of APIs/API intermediates on any scale. We are very much particular on developing cost reducing processes. We developed time reducing process cycles for manufacturing of APIs. We do manufacture and supply high purity APIs without any compromise. We have experience on chiral resolution optimization for chiral APIs/API intermediates. We design low effluent produce able ROS (route of synthesis).

CRO Molecules:

We are also good at the synthesis of CRO Molecules. We undertake CRO molecules on 1mg scale to any quantity. We do library synthesis and scaffolds also. We are good at chiral synthesis as well as chiral resolution. We do hetro cyclic compounds and aliphatic compounds synthesis. We have done FTE programmers also for US based companies like Biogen Idec, Bayer and Merck etc. We undertake FTEs also for reasonably good price. We generate weekly reports for FTE based projects as well as PO based. We update project status on weekly basis for our clients.

API Impurities:

Matrica Labs has developed a wide range of impurities in Research and development program, the impurities in pharmaceuticals is unwanted chemicals that remain with the active pharmaceutical ingredients or develop during formulation. The presence of these unwanted chemicals even in trace amount may influence the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical product. Based on the importance of the impurities we develop the compounds in our R&D. We invite for any enquiry on products, which are not listed in our catalogue via e-mail to info@matricalabs.com